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​Of all the seasons, winter is probably the most troublesome for car owners. Not only because snowfall makes it hard to see the road and control the car against the thick, slippery snow, the cold temperature that winter brings also means extra effort in regards to ensuring that a car stays in top shape come spring time. 

Many car owners just do not realize but extremely low temperatures and snow sneaking inside the car can cause damage. They are not just factors that one would want to ignore. The damages these may bring are often significant especially when overlooked when the next season comes. So for convenience, it is especially important to execute some of the basic maintenance procedures to make a car spring-ready.

Changing of Wiper Blades

         During winter, the wipers of a car act as scrapers for frozen rain particles and snow. Because of this, the rubber compound on the wiper blades crack or split, especially during prolonged use. As a result, visibility may be reduced during inclement weathers in the spring season.
         Replacing wiper blades is pretty straightforward. One must be sure to buy the correct wiper blades for their car. Then, the old blades must be removed by lifting the wiper arm away from the car’s windshield. At the underside of the blade is a tab that is depressed to be able to slide the old blade away. Next, the new wiper can be attached by pulling it tight onto the wiper arm. A clicking sound should indicate that it is secured tightly in place. Lastly, the wiper arm is backed onto the windshield and the process is repeated for the other wiper.

Washing the Underbody
         Driving during the winter time will cause accumulation of sand, salt, and other debris that may cause rust and ultimately corrosion when spring comes. So to avoid this, one must remember to wash the car’s undercarriage.
         To do this, a car jack must be used to raise the vehicle. This makes hosing down the underbody easier and more efficient. Pressure of the hose must be enough to dislodge stuck debris. Hosing down must be done thoroughly until the underbody is sure to be cleaned.

Checking Tire Pressure
         Cold temperatures bring down tire pressure for as much as 1 PSI for every ten degree temperature drop. When spring comes, driving in underinflated tires is not just dangerous, but it also wears the car’s tires more significantly. To avoid this, one must note to check the car’s tire pressure as the season changes.
         To properly check the pressure, the tires must be left unused for at least three hours after driving. Gauging tire pressure by eyeballing and touching would not suffice. Proper tire pressure gauge must be used to ensure accuracy. Now, different vehicles have different tire pressure requirements so one should check the owner’s manual of the car to know the proper PSI that must be applied. After knowing, necessary adjustments to the tire pressure can be made.

         These simple procedures are beneficial to ensure longevity of a car. Not only that, it makes car owners feel more safe and secured as they drive by during spring.
To make these tasks even easier, check out Meyers Auto Parts for car parts and other necessities. Questions and orders can also be directed to (702) 431-8000. 

<![CDATA[Las Vegas Auto Shop Shares Car Tips for Spring]]>Sun, 25 Feb 2018 08:00:00 GMThttps://www.meyersautoparts.com/blog/las-vegas-auto-shop-shares-car-tips-for-springPicture
Many harmful elements of the winter season take a good toll on a car’s appearance, performance, and overall condition. Whether it be the extreme temperature drop, the icy crystals, or the road salts, a car is sure to wear down during this season. These effects may seem unnoticeable during winter because of the unfavorable weather conditions, but come spring, all of these will be amplified. During that time, proper care and maintenance must be assured so as to ensure safety in driving as well as to prolong the life of a vehicle.

Some of the most important spring car maintenance procedures are listed below.

Changing of Oil and Oil Filter
Different cars will need different kinds of oil for different weather conditions. Always consult your owner’s manual for proper specifications. In spring, it is recommended to shift to heavier weight oil which is better suited for warmer temperatures. Doing so ensures the engine will have proper lubrication for optimum performance.

Changing the oil filter should always go hand in hand with changing the motor oil. This ensures proper filtration and eliminates the possibility of contaminating fresh oil with debris from the previous one.

Washing of Undercarriage
When used during winter, a car’s underbody becomes a bank for road salts, grime, and other debris. When left unattended, these elements can cause rust that may eat away a car’s body, making it not too pleasing to look at as well as not too safe to ride in.
To prevent this, it is recommended to hose down a car’s undercarriage at the onset of spring. The pressure on the hose must be enough that the unnecessary elements clinging under the car can be washed away. Alternatively, a movable lawn sprinkler can be used to wash away dirt that is hard to remove through hosing without raising the car with jacks.

Checking of Tires
 Important in the safety of the driver and the passengers, as well as in gas efficiency, the tire pressure must be checked as soon as winter has passed.

During winter, a car’s tire pressure significantly decreases. And when spring comes and the tire pressure is left unchecked, there is a big probability that the tires will be underinflated. As a result, gas consumption will be higher as less-than-optimum pressure needs more power in order to move the vehicle.

To know the right tire pressure for a vehicle, an owner must consult his car’s manual. From there, proper adjustments can be made.

Keeping a car in top shape should not always be too hard. With proper knowledge, car owners can effectively keep their cars ready for any season. And with the right car parts and supplies at Meyers Auto Parts, one would never have to worry about having car troubles again. Call them at (702) 431-8000. 
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​Buying a car, especially a used one, can prove to be a tense moment. It can be quite daunting, especially for first-timers, to shop for the right car in the used car market. However, with the right strategies, even beginners can acquire a used car like a pro. Car buying doesn’t have to be scary! Follow these tips for an easy and stress-free hunt for a used car.

​1. Determine your budget - Determine first how much money you can invest in acquiring a used car. This tip applies regardless if you are paying off the car using straight cash or via a loan. Ideally, you should leave extra money for potential repairs and upkeep costs, as used cars may need some extra TLC and they may no longer be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. An extra advantage of determining your budget is it helps narrow down your options.

2. Know your target cars - Before shopping for cars, know which cars you are considering to acquire. You can purchase based on need, on personal preference, or via recommendation of others. Do your research about car models you like, specifically about what makes these cars great, their most common issues, and their value on the market depending on their condition.

3. Get a vehicle history report - A vehicle history report will uncover important information you must know before taking ownership of a car. With this report, you can detect red flags such as salvage titles, criminal records, or if it has been seriously damaged for whatever reason. To acquire a car’s history report, you will need the car’s VIN or license plate number.

4. Check out the car personally - It is still best to check out the car yourself before completing the purchase. The seller can give as much detail to you, but it’s still better to see the car for yourself. Always ask to take the car on a test drive, this will allow you to find out if there are any issues that you need to be aware of later. A personal inspection and test drive will give you a full idea of the true condition of the car. If you are not sure, you can ask the assistance of a certified mechanic.

5. Get the best price - If you know how to properly negotiate, you can get the car you want at the best price possible. Here are some negotiation tips that you should learn and use: decide ahead of time how much money you are willing to spend and stick to it, know the value of the car depending on its condition by researching similar cars, and stay calm when talking to the seller. Remember that negotiation is one way both sides can win in a transaction.
Car buying doesn’t have to be scary. Follow these tips and make car buying easy. For more tips, contact Meyers Auto parts. You can call (702) 431-8000 or visit https://www.meyersautoparts.com/contact-
<![CDATA[How to Drive and Stay Safe in Snow-Covered Roads]]>Tue, 30 Jan 2018 08:00:00 GMThttps://www.meyersautoparts.com/blog/how-to-drive-and-stay-safe-in-snow-covered-roadsPicture
​The harsh winter weather can affect the condition of roads and bring different hazards to travelers. The snowfall, the dangerous high winds, and the cold temperature that can cause a number of accidents that can result in personal injury or even death. Having snow on the road can make driving difficult. The roads can get slippery and dangerous and if you are ever trapped out with a broken down vehicle, prolonged exposure to such low temperatures can cause frostbite or hypothermia. You need to make sure that your car is properly maintained and in the best running condition so you can drive and stay safe in snow-covered roads.

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful Mt. Charleston for a winter weekend getaway, you can certainly do so even if the roads are covered in a blanket of snow. You can drive to up to this scenic mountain destination for a calm and quiet yet adventurous weekend away from the hectic activity in Las Vegas. It would be a difficult drive, but with the right preparation, you and your passengers can safely reach the scenic mountain in no time at all.

Do the following before you head out for your snowy drive:

1. Check the weather forecast for the day when you plan to drive out to the mountains. This will allow you to adequately prepare for your trip and plan contingencies for road conditions that you could possibly encounter.

2. Assess your car and make sure that everything is working right. Check for leaks, damages, or parts that are in need of repair or replacement. Pay particular attention to tubes and hoses as well as your tires. Don’t forget to check your wiper blades too. Bring your car to an auto shop to make sure that the repairs are done.

3. Familiarize yourself with your route. Print out a map and identify gas stations and auto service shops along your route. You should also have the hotline number of your auto service shop written down in case there is no mobile signal.

4. A day or two before your drive, check that all the fluids under the hood are in the right levels. This includes your brake fluid, oils, radiator antifreeze, and windshield washer fluid among others. Note that you need some of these fluids to be specifically rated for low temperatures and winter driving.

5. Pack your supplies. You should have an emergency supply bag that contains: food (energy bars), water, first aid kit, warm clothing, flashlight, radio, flares, gloves, charged mobile phone, shovel, ice scraper, and a bag of sand. You can use these things in case you encounter problems along the road.

To ensure that your car is safe enough to drive up to Mt. Charleston, take it to Meyers Auto Parts. Call the shop now at (702) 431 – 8000 or visit the website at https://www.meyersautoparts.com/contact-us.html for more information. 
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​Owning a car will give you a sense of empowerment. Unfortunately, there are dangers to buying a new car. Dealers will try to play tricks on you and make you believe that you’re getting a good deal. You might end up paying more money than you need to. Here are some driving tips to help you save money on car expenses. 

1. Plan your trip ahead of time
There are a lot of applications that give driving tips to determine the shortest route towards your destination. You can also look for the cheapest gas stations around the area. Avoid driving during the rush hour.

2. Don’t put “the pedal to the metal"
Accelerating too hard increases the amount of fuel wasted. Gently press the accelerator pedal as a money saving practice. Several driving tips will tell you that it will only take 5 seconds to accelerate your car to 15mph.

3. Avoid slamming on the brakes
This is sometimes necessary in avoiding accidents. However in a regular situation, driving slowly towards a red light is more practical. This puts less stress on your brakes and tires, which will help you reduce expenses for repair and maintenance.

4. Choose the right timing for buying fuel
Make it a money saving habit to buy gas during early or late hours of the day. Gas is denser during these periods. You will get less gas in hot temperatures.

5. Check your tires regularly
Tires that are not well inflated tend to wear out faster. This wastes a lot of gas. Proper inflation decreases friction, resulting to better gas mileage.

6. Make sure that you use the right type of motor oil
Some people think that money saving is more effective when they use the cheapest oil they can find. Using the wrong type of oil for your car makes the engine work harder and consume a lot of gas.

7. Monitor the car filters
According to some driving tips, car filters tend to wear out easily especially if you reside in a dusty area. Check them from time to time. A clean filter helps the car consume fuel efficiently.

8. Tune your engine
Your car engine needs to be tuned on a regular basis. A well-maintained engine consumes less gas. If your last tune up was a long time ago, it’s high time to schedule one.

9. Clean and maintain your car regularly
Having less dirt and grime to deal with makes it easier to clean the car. Regular washing will require less time and money.

10. Hire a professional
Money saving by hiring a professional? This may sound ironic, but there are times when hiring a professional is more practical. Sometimes DIY methods do more damage. You might end up spending more than you originally planned to.
Consult Meyers Auto Parts for driving tips and money saving parts
We are excited to offer you parts and items that will help money saving in car detailing become possible. Call us at (702) 431-8000, our team will be happy to help you.

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​​Over the years, Uber has become an increasingly popular method of transportation - so it’s no surprise that our Las Vegas auto shop will often have customers who are Uber drivers. Not only does the service provide a safer, and sometimes cheaper method to commute, it also allows the Las Vegas locals to earn a decent amount of income, among other benefits.

For one thing, becoming an Uber driver can grant you flexibility. You get to choose when you want to work, and you also get to meet a lot of new people. Another benefit that drivers can enjoy is the surge pricing. Surge pricing is when the Uber app can charge up to three times the normal fare, depending on the traffic situation and demand.   
Anyone can be an Uber driver. You just need to be over 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and have access to a four-door vehicle. You don’t even need to buy a new car, you can use your car as long as it is in good working condition. Besides the requirements mentioned, you also have to provide Uber with your social security number, and you also have to pass the background test. Some cities require the car used for Uber to not be too old; some cities state that the car’s make and model not be older than 2006. You can use any make and model car, but there are a couple that are favored by more drivers:

  • Toyota Prius – This hybrid car is one of the most popular choices for Uber drivers. This car is eco-friendly and has several safety features such as Lane Departure Alert and Pedestrian Detection.

  • Ford Fusion – This is another popular choice for those who prefer cars that are a bit more high-end. The Fusion has exceptional handling, high fuel efficiency, and comfortable seats.

  • Toyota Corolla – Although not as flashy as the Ford Fusion, the Corolla makes up for it with practicality. This car is low maintenance, eco-friendly, and also has safety features similar to the Toyota Prius.

  • Hyundai Sonata – This Korean car is yet another popular choice for people looking for a car that is a bit more refined, but not that expensive. 
  • Chevrolet Volt – For people who prefer electric cars, the Volt may be the best choice. It's eco-friendly, and it can also travel up to 53 miles on a single full charge. Even though the Volt is smaller than the rest of the other cars on this list, it has all of the safety features that they have.
Regardless of what car you choose, they will still need regular maintenance to make sure that it is always in top working condition, so you can make more money driving for Uber. However, you should not just go to any ordinary garage. Some cars require certain specialty spare parts that are quite hard to find. If you want to be sure that your car only gets the best quality parts and service, you might want to check on Meyers Auto Parts.
The Meyers Auto Parts is a family-owned company that specializes in selling OEM automotive parts. If by some chance the part you’re looking for isn’t there, the company will find it and pre-order it for you. Their products are reasonably priced and their service is top of the line. Car owners can find whatever they need in Meyers ever-expanding inventory of parts. For more information, contact Meyers Auto Parts by calling (702) 431-8000.
<![CDATA[Preparing Your Car for the Cold Weather in Las Vegas]]>Mon, 11 Dec 2017 18:00:00 GMThttps://www.meyersautoparts.com/blog/preparing-your-car-for-the-cold-weather-in-las-vegas

​The cold months in Las Vegas, Nevada can be quite unforgiving. It is important that you prepare your car mechanically as the cold season approaches. Proper car maintenance and having the right equipment will help your car be well-equipped for winter. Here are 5 important tips you should follow to prepare your car for the cold weather in Las Vegas.

1. Add the appropriate anti-freeze – Adding anti-freeze in your cooling system is crucial to keep your engine running even at the coldest of days. It is important that you add the right formula as frozen fluids can ruin your car’s running parts. Find an anti-freeze product that is compatible with your car’s specifications. Also, it is best to have your coolant system flushed before the start of the cold season, before adding anti-freeze.
2. Check your electrical system – The electrical system of cars are put in a bigger strain during cold weather conditions. It is important that you regularly check the functions of your electricals. Make sure that everything, from the battery to the wirings, are in good running condition. Repair or replace any electrical component that has visible damage or is not functioning properly.
3. Monitor your car’s fluids – You should constantly check your car’s fluids before driving. Make sure that critical fluids such as motor oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid are properly filled. Also check for any leaks. Lastly, it is recommended that you replace your fluids with ones appropriate for low-temperature conditions. Generally speaking, lower-viscosity oils and fluids work better in cold temperatures.
4. Check your tires – As always, your tires should have the appropriate air pressure. It is recommended that you drive slowly at first to allow the cooled air inside the tires to warm up and circulate properly. Aside from tire pressure, you should also check your tires if it has sufficient tread. If you are regularly driving in snowy conditions, you might consider using winter-specific tires.
5. Prepare a winter survival kit – Driving in cold weather can be unpredictable, and there’s always the possibility that you might get into trouble on the road. Important survival essentials for winter driving include a shovel, flashlights with extra batteries, a towing rope, and a jumpstart kit. You should also consider saving essentials such as water, food that can be readily eaten even in cold weather, and a first aid kit.
When driving in cold weather in Las Vegas, it is important that you stay ready for anything. Proper car maintenance and preparing survival essentials can prove life-saving in adverse road conditions. To help keep your car in top shape, contact us here at Meyers Auto Parts. Visit our website at https://www.meyersautoparts.com/contact-us.html or call (702) 431-8000 for more info.
<![CDATA[Best Cars in Las Vegas for 2017 -- Heat Busters]]>Mon, 27 Nov 2017 19:30:00 GMThttps://www.meyersautoparts.com/blog/best-cars-in-las-vegas-for-2017-heat-bustersPicture
​Every driver fears the searing heat of the Las Vegas desert landscape where temperature highs can easily climb to three-digit figures – most especially in the summer months of July and August. However, if your car carries climate control features, then you might just as well be an exception. That’s why in the City of Sin, these heat-beating cars are the ones topping the sales charts:

·       2017 Acura RDX

·       2016 Toyota Prius

·       2016 Honda Odyssey

·       2017 Buick Regal

Acura RDX

The Acura RDX can pass the Vegas car of the year test with flying colors with its solar sensing climate control feature that doesn’t compromise the car’s cutting-edge persona. With its GPS-linked temperature management system, it can adjust the thermostat of the air conditioner based on the position of the sun. This $39,070 model also has a feature that equalizes the temperatures between the sunny and shaded sections of the car, and fine-tunes the internal temp environment relative to the driver and his passengers.

Another popular car in Las Vegas this year is the Prius by Toyota, the one well-loved by green vehicle enthusiasts. This $26,250 hybrid hatchback is efficient, clean, solar-powered and aerodynamic. Its eco-conscious quality is punctuated by a fan catches air from the outside and circulates it inside the car, while the car is parked or when the temperature hits 68 degrees. This feature makes sure that the car will not be hot as an oven when you leave it on the parking lot for a couple of hours.

Then you have the Odyssey, an 8-seater minivan from Honda, with its unique and family-friendly air-conditioning and body-refreshing accents. It is prized for its tri-zone system that easily handles air-filtration and humidity-adjustment jobs. Last but not least with this model, you’ve got a refrigerated box right in the middle of the car to cool your beers and sodas, and sunshades that will make sure you will be kept from being directly hit by the sun. All these perks can be yours for just a small price of  $36,050.

And finally, we have the Buick Regal that comes at the affordable price of $27,065. This one is equipped with a windshield sensor that transmits information to the car’s HVAC system. With this system, it’s ensured that you have the right temperature and humidity all the time. There’s also an additional layer of lamination in the windshield that catches a part of the sun’s glare, making any commute on Las Vegas roads much easier to bear.

Meyers: Dependable On-The-Road Partners
While plying the roads of the most entertaining city in the world, you have reliable and friendly partners to keep you safe and going. We recommend Meyers Auto Parts for any assistance and advice you need. The address is https://www.meyersautoparts.com/contact-us.html.  Or you can call them at (702) 431-8000.
<![CDATA[The Do's and Don'ts in Changing Tires]]>Wed, 15 Nov 2017 18:00:00 GMThttps://www.meyersautoparts.com/blog/the-dos-and-donts-in-changing-tiresPicture
When your tires get damaged or shredded, replacing them can be costly.
Apart from increasing the life span of your tires, periodic tire rotation and regular car maintenance provide the following benefits:

·   Even wearing is ensured – The natural course for tires is to wear unevenly and the difference is most notable in the front tires compared to rear tires. Regular rotation keeps this from happening fast.

​​· Experience safe and smooth driving – With its tires evenly wearing, your car will maintain good balance and smooth movement.

·   You save money – Drivers who have their tires regularly rotated are saved from frequent replacements. This is one secret to keeping car expenses at bay.

·   There’s decreased vibration and noise – Those who visit car maintenance shops at regular intervals are the ones kept from suffering annoying vibrations and sounds.

·   It will keep you from harm’s way – Replacement is needed when you know there’s no longer enough friction between the car and the road. If it takes a long time for you to put the car to a stop on an even ground and you have trouble keeping the car stationary on a slope, it’s time to replace your tire/s. Plus, a car that you cannot completely control is as good as a bike with no wheels.

The Dos of Tire Change:

·   Do it in an open space – Tire replacement shops devote a large space where they conduct changing of their client’s tires. Follow suit. A larger space allows for easy movements and easy placements of tools.

·   Do place the jack where it should be positioned – Before it even happens, consult your car’s manual to know where exactly on the car should the jack be placed.

·   Do apply the brakes – You don’t want the car to move at any time while replacing. Never forget this.

The Don’ts of Tire Change:

·   Don’t jack up the car before loosening the nuts – Not only is this dangerous, but the tire will also just simply spin in the air and you will have a hard time loosening the nuts. The sensible thing to do is have the ground give you the friction needed for loosening the nuts.

·   Don’t take the jack’s quality for granted – A lot of jack-related injuries and deaths have occurred because of ill-constructed jacks. Make sure that you put the jack in its proper place to prevent the vehicle from slipping off it.

·   Don’t ever forget to get the spare tire off first – It is easier to get the spare out of the car’s hatch or trunk if it is located at a comfortable level. If you do this after the car has been raised, you will have to deal with the added height and perhaps expose yourself to danger because of uncomfortable body positioning.

Meyers Auto Parts: Reliable Help on the Road

Probably the best thing you can do for yourself and your car is to make sure you have people you can count on in times of emergencies. If you find yourself stranded along a lonely highway, play it safe and call Meyers Auto Parts at (702) 431-8000 so they can change your tire for you. Additionally, you can rely on them for advice on tire rotation and car maintenance. Inquire more about their services at https://www.meyersautoparts.com/contact-us.html.

<![CDATA[5 Tips On Selling Your Car For the Best Price]]>Tue, 31 Oct 2017 18:00:00 GMThttps://www.meyersautoparts.com/blog/5-tips-on-selling-your-car-for-the-best-pricePicture
​​Anyone who owns a car knows that, unlike wine, cars don’t appreciate in value as they age. In fact, Edmunds reports that some brand-new cars depreciate in value by as much as 20% as soon as they’re driven out of the dealership.
Don’t worry, though you may not get back your original investment (i.e. cost) for your car when you sell it, you can still get the best and most competitive price for it if you heed these tips:

1. Price it wisely.
You can get top dollar with your car for sale if you follow this pricing rule of thumb: List its price at the high end of the price range. For example, if you want to sell your car for $5,000, you can list its selling price at $5,800. This way, you have more room for haggling.
If you’re not sure how much your car is worth, you can check out prices of cars similar to yours in popular websites such as eBay and Craigslist.
2. Take care of your car.
car for sale that’s well-maintained will always fetch the best price. Regular checkups and vehicle maintenance (such as changing the oil, air filters, tire pressure, and the like) will keep your car in good condition and lengthen its longevity, thus making it easier for you to attract buyers. After all, no one wants to inherit problems, especially costly ones.
3. Know all the details related to your car.
Make sure you know the make, model, year, paint color code, and VIN (vehicle identification number) of your car. Also, check if your car is included in manufacturer recalls. This will help you appraise the value of your car.
Knowing your car’s specs can make it easier for you to convince buyers to get your car, especially if you’re selling it directly and not through a dealer.
4. Obtain your vehicle’s service history.

Aside from the usual details about the car, you should know your car and its service history. If possible, get all documents related to them as proof.
Those documents can make it easy for you to say that your vehicle was not abused or involved in any major incidents. On the other hand, if it was involved in incidents that required major repairs, you can limit the degree of “damage” of such information — it’s better to inform potential buyers upfront what you did to repair or fix your car instead of omitting those details.
5. Be detailed.
When posting your car on car auction or selling sites, it is best that you include everything that potential buyers need to know. Be sure to include as much details as you can.
Also, make it a point to post as many pictures of your car as you can — from various angles that will show its interior and exterior. As a pro tip, do not use a cheap camera or a low-end smartphone’s camera. Use a DSLR camera — that way, you can get crisp pictures, which will make buyers see how great your car is.
Presenting your used, well-loved car in great shape to potential buyers will make selling it easier — not to mention that you’ll get the best price for it. You’ll need the help of experts to maintain your car, though, so get in touch with Meyers Auto Parts via their website or call them at (702) 431-8000. They’ll give you an honest and fair assessment of your car’s current condition — what needs to be fixed or repaired, etc. They can even help you figure out the best selling price for your car and link you up with potential buyers.